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Leicester City Council Selects Integrated Adult and Children's Social Care Solution from Liquidlogic

15th July 2013

Leicester hopes to save time, efficiently share information amongst teams and improve management information for social care

Leicester City Council has selected the Liquidlogic Adults' and Children's Social Care Systems from multi-agency systems provider Liquidlogic, a McKesson company. The solutions will facilitate the accurate and consistent management and reporting of Leicester City's social care services.

The Liquidlogic solutions will be linked by an integration hub, enabling secure viewing and sharing of information between adults' and children's social care teams.  The systems are scheduled to go live over the next 12 months and will replace the council's previous system. The solution will also enable Leicester City Council to manage the increase in numbers of people who are referred to social care services. This growth required a solution that could readily scale to effectively manage the volume of cases and allow secure sharing of information amongst teams.

Ashok Popat, Project Manager at Leicester City Council comments, "We had been using the previous solution for more than 10 years and with our previous contract coming to an end, we were keen to explore the new technology available that would provide the required functionality and increase usability with familiar  web-like  systems."

The systems will be installed and hosted at Leicester City Council and will be used by about 1000 employees including social care staff and others that work in both adult and children's services to provide relevant care. Implementation of the Liquidlogic Social Care Systems will also improve the Council's internal quality management and reporting.

Popat comments, "It is anticipated that Liquidlogic will enable case recording to become quicker and easier. Also where some activities are carried out using paper-based systems, which means the information is slow and difficult to share; using Liquidlogic will help transform the way those teams work and help the organisation to support safety, care and better information through the reports capabilities within the system."

Andrew Raynes Programme Manager for the Council comments, "Ultimately, it's about providing seamlessly integrated, timely and relevant social care. We are confident that working with Liquidlogic will help us achieve this."