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Webinar: Deploying and making the most of a shared care record system

16th June 2017

Event1A Digital Health webinar presented by Dr Jonathan Bloor, Director of Clinical Information, System C & Graphnet Care Alliance.

Being able to share patient data is just the starting point. Find out how to maximise your investment across care settings and reduce pressure on acute services.

The immediate benefits of sharing records are well-recognised – faster and safer care, less time asking for or ringing round for information, and more joined up services.

But we are now entering a new phase, where the next generation of integrated digital records are a springboard to service reconfiguration. They are supporting new workflows, new models of care and the redesign of the relationship between patient and care professional.

Find out more about how shared records can provide:

  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-provider care plans, helping reduce A&E attendances and emergency admissions
  • Secure integrated messaging services which allow teams, clinicians and even patients to ask for advice and collaborate
  • Task management features supporting cross care community workflow – such as using cross-community alerting to let a social worker or community nurse know if a patient is admitted, deteriorates or dies

Presenter: Dr Jonathan Bloor, director of clinical information. System C & Graphnet Care Alliance