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Solution Assurance Programme Manager


Home based

Reporting to

Portfolio Director (dotted line to COO) 

Role description

This is an exciting opportunity to join the leading UK Health and Social Care Solutions Company.

Established in 1983, System C specialises in the provision of modern, class leading enterprise IT solutions. We were awarded the prestigious Microsoft Partner of the Year (for Health), which clearly recognised our innovative products and technical approach.

Our people are passionate about our products and use leading edge Microsoft technologies to produce enterprise scale electronic patient record systems, including Medway.

The Solution Assurance role is intended to help to improve the interface between product development and the delivery and deployment of software to our NHS customers. It is also intended to play an integration role, facilitating understanding, and knowledge across Product and Deployment organisational structures and domains where boundaries artificially inhibit adoption of a Solution perspective in favour of that of a product or product line. Often the interdependencies of Solution delivery do not prevent the successful delivery of a product or product line in isolation but version compatibilities, product knowledge, technical integration requirements and the ownership of these can be confused or subject to assumptions that emerge as a problem that could be anticipated at the planning stage or as build decisions are considered avoiding their emergence late in the deployment or upgrade activity.

Solution assurance therefore aims to:

  • Support deployment and upgrade activities in the form of quality assurance to review and sign-off deployment decisions regarding product configuration, version dependencies and technical integration.
  • Review and participate in the amendment / creation of product deployment assets to address weaknesses in such tools that assist the consistent adoption of products in line with the intended purpose.
  • Act as a conduit for product knowledge relating to product changes and their impact on the intended purposes supported for deployment.
  • Provision of expert resource to investigate and lead on recovery in the event of significant deployment issues or service disruption.

Success of the Assurance function will be evident in terms of the reduction of the requirement for rework or recovery during planning, deployment and live service.

The Solution Assurance Group will be a network of identified experts. Initially established as a Task and Finish group targeting resolution of issues that will achieve most significant and most immediate improvement; the Solution Assurance Programme Manager will make recommendations regarding beneficial structural changes including the potential to establish a permanent team. 


Solution Assurance Group

  • Establish a Solution Assurance Group, working with Deployment, Solution Owners and Senior Development managers to identify the skills requirements and likely resource commitments required.
  • Evaluate the current assets – deployment guides, functional descriptions, technical dependencies and prioritise the areas to address in terms of asset modification and training – creating a plan to enable training of deployment PS / SME personnel to span multiple products at implementation in conjunction with the Deployment Resource Manager.
  • Using the team, create an assessment tool applicable to each product / product deployment combinations and technical domain to be used at appropriate stages of the deployment to validate local implementation decisions and advise on any changes required.
  • Create a schedule of key milestone / deployment stages where reviews should be undertaken with the deployment project team to conduct the assessments. This will span the period from Preferred Bidder stage through to project / programme end. The review milestones need to be part of the deployment plan and it is envisaged would be triggered by the deployment PM / lead. The Solution Assurance roll will co-ordinate the required expert personnel and assets and arrange the assessments.
  • Communicate the purposes of the assessments with the relevant deployment and technical personnel. Seek input and buy-in from these stakeholders.
  • Initiate the review plan – Procurement to Post Live sign-off. Set up and conduct reviews against the assessment tools, modify the assessment tools in the light of new knowledge arising.
  • Establish routine mechanisms for review and ensure education on new product developments and novel deployment options.
  • Provide feedback to Product Managers, Solution Owners and Product Directors on opportunities for product enhancement identified in the course of Solution Assurance activities.
  • Review and make recommendations in respect of potential enhancements of governance arrangements across Sales - Product - Deployment interchanges.

Ad-hoc intervention

  • Act as a focal point to receive and direct deployment team queries where direct SME relationships are unable to resolve. Assembling expert resources and managing to conclusion any problems identified in conjunction with the deployment team and Project / Programme managers.
  • Where significant issues arise. Lead on the assembly of a team to go on-site where necessary to lead on development and execution of a recovery plan working with Project Managers and the local deployment personnel to minimise disruption and re-work.

Skills and experience

  • This is a senior role focussed on problem avoidance and where necessary problem solving. The incumbent will evidently be self-driven and flexible in the interpretation of the remit in pursuit of the core objective of assuring the success of product deployment and avoidance of issues requiring intervention for recovery or re-work.
  • There is no fixed establishment for the teams to be managed, they will be assembled by the Solution Assurance lead from the relevant expertise required to address the specific product asset, project assessment or issue to be resolved. As such well-honed influencing and interpersonal skills are a fundamental requirement of the role.
  • The incumbent will have substantial deployment and product development experience at a senior level and evidence of ability to establish and maintain the relationships necessary to leverage resources and influence prioritisation, creation and maintenance of required assets by the Deployment and Product teams e.g. deployment tools, assessment tools, training required.
  • The role requires a track record of successful customer engagement at all levels and evidence of ability to manage customer relationships positively at times of heightened stress.
  • The Solution Assurance lead will have significant experience of working across PAS and Clinical domains together with technical insights and dependencies.


Please apply in writing, sending a covering letter and CV to

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