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Our blueprint for digital excellence

System C is offering NHS trusts and care communities a blueprint for digital excellence. It covers all clinical IT within a hospital and across the care community, in a single solution.

This blueprint has been developed with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, our partner in NHS England’s Global Digital Exemplar programme.

Key features of our blueprint

  • It is a whole health economy solution. It provides all the local and care community-wide solutions required to modernise NHS computing and to support the transformation of care required by the Five Year Forward View
  • It is a modular template, consisting of a series of integrated solutions and a blueprint for implementation
  • It allows NHS organisations to build up their digital maturity at their own pace, and according to their own circumstances – in line with Local Digital Roadmaps and STPs, for example, as funding becomes available
  • It provides a clear path for organisations to reach a UK-equivalent of HIMSS Level 7
  • It has a clinical core which will transform the way that clinical users across a care community use IT

Finally, it will be delivered using System C’s deployment methodology. We have the strongest deployment track record in UK healthcare.


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Our blueprint for digital excellence

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